is a new way to produce financial reports.

From simple one-page weekly performance reports to hundred-page long annual reports published in multiple languages, makes producing financial statements fast and easy.

We built because, after years of making them, we still weren’t happy with the way reports are produced. Word processors and spreadsheets are everywhere, but produce shabby layouts in low-fidelity. Professional page-layout software can provide great design, but is expensive and slow.
Creating a report is cumbersome and awkward: copy-paste errors propagate between spreadsheets and page layouts; one must wrestle with charts and manage translations, then endure endless corrections, revisions, and corrections of revisions – it's all a huge drain of time and energy. will change all that.


Collaboration Multiple users can collaborate simultaneously and nobody steps on anyone else’s toes. Changes are integrated immediately, no waiting for someone to bring everything together in the final layout.

Multi-lingual was built to handle as many languages as you need. Translators can collaborate directly, keeping the loop short and neat.

Data flow Financial data can be read directly from Excel files or other sources, eliminating error-prone copy-pasting from spreadsheets into a page layout.

Revisions Version control systems allow programmers around the world to work simultaneously on huge libraries of code; we want to give you the same power for managing your documents: know who modified what and when, and ensure translations are in sync.

Great design We wouldn’t build if it wasn’t capable of producing professional quality documents, ready for printing, with micrometer-precise typography: all based on the powerful CSS language known by designers everywhere.

Charts Charts and graphs can be generated directly from data and automatically updated. Since they are vector-based and use the same CSS rules as the rest of the design, they look great at any size – on screen or in print.

Print, Web, Mobile Print-ready PDF files can be generated at the same time as screen-ready files for your web site, and an HTML version is output with a web or device/app-ready responsive design.



Streamlined production
with instant turn-around.


Direct collaboration.


Less manipulation
= less errors.


Great looking reports
across all media.


Realstone Swiss Property – Annual Report

We produced this report in two languages. As our platform produced the financials directly from the manager’s spreadsheet, we were able to output and print copies of the Financial Statements in time for the annual investors’ meeting, weeks before the complete Annual Report was ready to go to press.

Getting financials perfect is one of the longest and most painful parts of producing an Annual Report – we did it in minutes, with zero errors.

Banque Privée Espírito Santo – Annual Report

This report was produced in 3 languages, it features double-page full-bleed image spreads, with image sequence changing between the translations.


We offer with a simple flat price structure: per publication, per year. Whether it’s a daily performance review, a monthly fact-sheet, a quarterly or annual report: it’s one flat fee per year – the only variable is the size of the document. We don’t charge per seat; as many users can collaborate as necessary.

Maintenance and support is included. Publications change over time and new editions require adjustments — we’ll help keep things up to date and looking perfect.

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